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    Audre Lorde continues her presentation as part of “The Personal and the Political” panel held at the Second Sex Conference on September 29, 1979. Audience members pose questions and make comments regarding the intersections between race, class, sexual orientation, and gender and feminism in response to Audre Lorde’s speech, “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”, from SPW1155.
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    Audre Lorde reading her poems for the "2nd Tuesday Series" at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York City. Side A: Recorded at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York City. Sponsored by the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, Women's Poetry Center at Hunter College, New York. Poet Audre Lorde reads thirteen poems many from her new book. [Poems: Notes from a Trip to Russia, Sisters in Arms, Holographs, Political Relations, A Question of Climate, There are No Honest Poems about Dead Women, A Question of Essence, For the Record: (In memory of Eleanor Bumpurs), Making Love to Concrete, Women on Trains. Never to Dream of Spiders and Call.] Side B: Question and answer session with a collection for the Sisters in Support of South Africa.
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