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Meeting between ACT UP and CDC about changing the definition of AIDS: Tape 1 of 2

Meeting at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia between representatives of ACT UP and CDC Officials about changing the Centers for Disease Control's definition of AIDS to include infections that women and injection drug users were getting.

AIDS Clinical Trials Group

Women from ACT UP LA and some gay men who worked with them, attending the AIDS Clinical Trials Groups Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Target City Hall

Produced by DIVA TV, this video focuses on the ACT UP action known as Target City Hall when activists demonstrated against access to AIDS drugs and Mayor Ed Koch's response to the crisis at the New York City Hall.

Living with Aids

Episode of Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) cable show Living with AIDS, covering topics related to women with AIDS.
mgBarbaraGrier copy.jpg

Barbara Grier, Tape 5 of 7, November 27, 1987

The majority of this video depicts Barbara and her partner, Donna McBride, going through photo albums and images of Barbara’s childhood, her family, and then her later years with Donna. Some topics that come up include Helen Bennett, Barbara’s…
billye talmadge.jpg

Billye Talmadge, Tape 1 of 2

Billye Talmadge discusses her early experiences as she came to understand her own preferences and sexuality, and the support she received from her college dean, classmate, and mother. She describes her role in the Daughters of Bilitis and the…
mgBarbaraGrier copy.jpg

Barbara Grier, Tape 7, November 27, 1987

This video consists of a brief interview with Grier’s partner, Donna McBride, and then follows a discussion Grier leads on her book collection, favorite authors, and publishing experience. She and McBride talk about Naiad press and its successes…
mgKarenAndersonRyer copy.jpg

Karen Ryer Anderson

Karen Anderson Ryer discusses her coming out process, and the acceptance of her parents. She talks about butch vs. fem, and changing generational attitudes. Discusses importance of feminism to lesbianism specifically, and differences from gay…