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An Evening with Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Tape 1 of 1

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon speak at a program for a lesbian movement exhibit. They give an overview of the beginning of the lesbian movement and the DOB's history, including public protests and conventions. They speak about a need for lesbians to be…
Andy, 1982, April 20.jpg

Andy, April 20, 1982

Andy further discusses how she came to construct her butch image. She recalls getting into fights with men and having to give up good jobs because she refused to give up her queer image and identity. She discusses her clash with a teacher when she…

Andy, April 28, 1982 (Tape 4)

At the start of the interview, Andy talks about the first time someone asked her about sex. She talks about her experience going with hookers. She discusses butches and femmes and argues that femmes aren't "true" lesbians.

Anita, November 16, 1978 (Tape 1)

Anita talks about her first encounters with a relationship with a woman. She then speaks about the difficulties of raising her child. She also talks about the roles of Butch and Fem.

Anita, undated (Tape 2)

Anita talks about being in an interracial relationship with a white woman, and the roles of butch and fem.

Ann II, October 23, 1980 (Tape 2 of 2)

Ann describes what she looked for in a women. Discusses the clothing change among lesbian women. Explains some of her relationship experience with women.

Anne MacKay, Tape 1 of 1, April 24, 1988

Anne MacKay is interviewed in Orient Point, New York in 1988. She discusses the early days of the DOB, lesbian conventions, coming out to her family, socializing, theatrical productions to help fund the Lesbian Herstory Archives, and relationships…

Annie, 1985 July 10 (Tape 1)

A woman talks about her time married to a man as compared to her time in a relationship with a woman, and the pros and cons of both.
arcus flynn.jpg

Arcus Flynn, Tape 1 of 1, November 1, 1987

Arcus Flynn discusses her early life and her struggle with isolation and depression, her eventual discovery of the Daughters of Bilitis meetings and the community and friendships she found there. Arcus talks about the early importance of roles…