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Women's Power Roles: A Re-Awakening of Roe V. Wade

Women's Power Roles: A Re-Awakening of Roe. V. Wade

In 2022, Roe vs. Wade, a landmark case in which the Court struck down several Texas laws that criminalized abortion, was overturned for the first time since its 1973 induction. As a facet of women's rights was returned to the crossfire, larger discussions about women's rights have beeen reanimated. These discussions often devolve into discussions surrounding women's power roles. This exhibition is an attempt to enrich, contextualize, and highlight the discussions surrounding women's power roles. Materials from several collections within the archive were selected for this exhibition with a special focus placed on the recently digitized materials within the Lisa Cowan audio recordings collection. Cowan, a producer, host, and author, among other things, had an active voice in these discussions. At the heart of lesbian discourse is feminist discourse and at the heart of feminist discourse is lesbian discourse.

Sources: Oyez, https://www.oyez.org/cases/1971/70-18


Emily Bailey, Sara Almai, Allysha A. Leonard