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Mary Patierno Interview

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Mary Patierno Interview


Lesbian Activists
Lesbians in mass media
Television journalists


In this interview Mary Patierno, co-founder and executive producer of Dyke TV discusses Dyke TV, a groundbreaking public access program produced in New York City by and for lesbians. Pateirno talks about the program’s history and its goals. She mentions some of Dyke TV’s important news stories and recollects some of the interviews the show conducted with women artists, activists and public figures. Patierno stresses the importance of preserving other Dyke TV footage that currently remains in storage. In addition to providing more detail about the structure of the episodes, Patierno discusses her experience creating the show, the circumstances surrounding the show’s founding, and the show’s legacy as the first lesbian content on television.

*Note: The interview was recorded using an online call service.

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Amanda Belantara, “Mary Patierno Interview,” LHA Herstories: Audio/Visual Collections of the LHA, accessed July 15, 2020,