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Dorothy, October 26, 1981 (Tape 3)

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Dorothy, October 26, 1981 (Tape 3)


Lesbian and gay experience
Lesbian community
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Lesbian librarians
Lesbians--Alcohol use--United States
Lesbians--Relations with heterosexuals
Lesbians--United States--Identity


Dorothy discusses her lifelong identity as lesbian and her uncharacteristic history in adopting both the butch and femme roles in prior relationships. She talks about being the child of a single mother (her father died when she was two years old) and also describes her hobbies. She says she has always been very mechanically inclined and has also always been an avid reader. She suspects that being an avid reader influenced her ability to understand and be accepting of herself. She also discusses her education and career and her treatment as a lesbian on the job. She was the first female member of the American Society of Tool Designers and later became a technical librarian and engineering researcher. She also speaks about her friendships and non-sexual relationships with both gay and straight women. She notes the differences between those relationships and how her mannerisms and level of self-consciousness also differs in those interactions.

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Interviewee: Dorothy, Interviewer: Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, “Dorothy, October 26, 1981 (Tape 3),” Herstories: Audio/Visual Collections of the LHA, accessed May 25, 2019,